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Screw-sailing clipper Naezdnik

The name: Naezdnik
Type: Barge
Belonging: Denmark

Naezdnik was an exact copy of clipper Dzhigit and was laid down on the same as Dzhigit Arkhangelsk shipyard, the same day – on January 5th, 1856. The creator was also the same – the stabs-captain P.K. Mitrofanov. But Naezdnik was launched three weeks later than Dzhigit – on July 14th, 1856, and unlike Dzhigit with the assembled engine. After testing and operational development of machines Naezdnik left Arkhangelsk for Petersburg on October 14th, but because of boilers breakage it should winter in Norway – it had no time to come to Petersburg before freezeup in Gulf of Finland. The clipper came to Kronstadt only on May 24th, 1857 and started to be repaired at once. The boilers damaged because of misuse were demounted, and manufacturing and installation of new boilers under the other project continued for two years till April 1859. After tests and remaking of sailing armament the clipper Naezdnik left independently, alone for the Far East led by the captain-lieutenant. A.Ratkov on August 24th, 1859. Within 1860-1862 it participated in works on inventory of the Far East coast. There is a name in memory of that– Naezdnik Bay on the maps. Though after each campaign the clipper passed operating repair in Japan where it usually wintered, its navigation intensity was such, that it was withdrawn to Petersburg for major overhaul in three years. But, having arrived to Kronstadt in the middle of July, 1863, Naezdnik was put in preservation owing to chronic lack of money at Sea department. At this time Russia invested all the money in armoured fleet construction. After three years of inaction, Naezdnik “was sent to the Kronstadt port” “because of unreliability to navigation”, i.e. it was excluded from battle structure of fleet by the order of the Sea ministry on July 16th, 1866. And in 3 years – on July 2nd, 1869 the body of the clipper Naezdnik was used as a target at the Baltic fleet maneuvers. It was undermined by a towed mine which destroyed the stern of clipper being at anchor. The clipper has sunk.
On August 21st, 1869 the clipper Naezdnik was officially excluded from the list of fleet ships.

Characteristics of the clipper Naezdnik are similar to parameters of the clipper Dzhigit:
• Length between perpendiculars – 45.5 m (according to other information 47.4)
• Width with the skin – 8.5 m
• Draught – 3.6 m
• Depth – 0.91 m
• Displacement – 615 tons
• Two-cylinder horizontal steam engine of simple expansion of capacity – 150 hp (300 hp);
2 cylindrical one-furnace fire-tube boilers
• Fuel capacity- 95 tons
• Sailing endurance– 700 miles
• Armament – 1 60-feet gun;
                – 2 24-feet guns
• Crew – 9 officers;
        – 92 men.
The body of the clipper was incidentally found at Small Tranzund harbour underwater-archeological expedition of Memory of Baltic Society on July 8th, 1995, but was not identified, possibly, owing to destructions caused by explosion at the stern of the clipper, and also because of partially disassembled deck sheathing not allowed to define hatches arrangement characteristic for Archangelsk clippers.
Besides they had no not damaged model for comparison – the body of the clipper Dzhigit lies 900 m away from the Naezdnik body.
The body of the Naezdnik was found by us irrespective of colleagues from Memory of Baltic Society (what is testified by the inscription K.A.Molotov in figure 2) at purposeful works on search of the ships sunk at maneuvers on May 2nd, 1869, made for film about frigate Oleg. Therefore it was easy to identify two identical bodies of 50-meter length and 8.5-meter width, as Naezdnik differed from Dzhigit in the presence of obvious traces of explosion in the stern.
Its body stands on oozy bottom at a depth of 14 m on an even keel head to the course (fig). At detailed inspection strong destruction of the stern and partially dismantled deck near the stokehole (fig.) were detected. Finding of the engine elements at the stern force to think, that it was dismantled together with boilers before clipper flooding. Nevertheless coppered body is in a rather good state and is a fine addition to the body of the clipper Dzhigit as wreckages of after cabin which was demounted on the Dzhigit are present on the Naezdnik. It can play a positive role at reconstruction and restoration of the clipper in the future though such prospect is rather problematic. Most likely it woul be destructed as it lies within the limits of the square of anchoring berths at Small Tranzund harbour specified on hydrographic maps, but it is not designated on maps. In connection to construction of the new oil terminal of Lukoil company in this region the ship’s destiny is to be destroyed by anchors and screws of tankers. However, captains of these tankers will also meet unpleasant surprises.

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